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McDonalds is perhaps the most popular fast-food chain in the world. For McDonalds India happens to be the first country in the world to serve non-pork and non-beef products catering to the regional taboo. With McDonalds coupons and deals, you can save every time you want some delicious fast food for you and your family.


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About Mc Donalds

McDonald’s is the world’s most famous and largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. It operates in 119 countries across the globe and has more than 36,500 outlets to serve its customers. McDonald’s was founded in the year 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald, which was later purchased by its initial franchise owner Ray Kroc. McDonald’s is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois which will be shifted to Chicago by 2018.

McDonald’s India started out its operations in the year 1996. McDonald’s India operation is managed by two business entities which happen to be the two master franchisees in India. Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited operates in the North and East India regions while Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited operates in South and West India. At present Mcdonald’s has over 300 restaurants throughout the country.

McDonald’s Menu and Offerings

McDonald's essentially sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, and desserts. McDonald’s menu varies internationally to meet the local standard and to abide by the regional food taboos. McDonald’s India menu has also been customized to meet the Indian food standards. Although the using of beef and pork is a common practice in hamburger patty in western countries, there is no pork or beef being used in India. India is the very first country where McDonald’s started serving non-pork and non-beef products and has about 70% vegetarian and non-vegetarian products of the menu developed locally. McDonald’s India menu has special sauces which use local spices and chilies. Even the mayonnaise and other sauces are egg-less.

The regular scrumptious McDonald's menu includes a wide range of products in a vibrant and lively ambiance like McAloo Tikki, Filet-O-Fish, Spicy Range, Chicken McGrill, McVeggie, Veg Pizza McPuff, Chicken Mcnuggets, Fries, Wraps, an assortment of Sundaes, Soft Drinks and refreshing beverages such as Ice Tea and Cold Coffee. McDonald’s menu has a special section namely McCAFE dedicated to coffee, tea and chocolate drinks. Some of the different McDonald’s menu classifications are:


  • Burgers and Wraps
  • Sides
  • Beverages
  • Desserts
  • Breakfasts
  • Happy Price Menu
  • Economy Meal
  • Extra Value Meals
  • Happy Meals


McDonald’s Food Menu

McDonald’s Happy Price Menu includes a number of light meals and beverages which are both cheap and delicious. Veg Pizza McPuff and McAloo Tikki are the vegetarian options while Chicken McGrill and McEgg are some of the popular non-veg. selections. The McDonald’s Happy Price menu also includes some delicious desserts and beverages.

McDonald’s Kids Menu allows kids to have a delightful meal along with the elders. McDonalds Happy Meal is the most popular section of the McDonald’s menu. Even elders are often seen attracted to this meal. Mc Donald’s Happy Meal offers a toy which has increased its popularity even more. McDonald’s toys include superheroes, cartoon characters and popular characters which have increased the craze among the kids as well as the adults.

McDonald’s Breakfast menu has not only introduced a wide selection of breakfast items but also went a long way in stretching the breakfast time and flexibility. The breakfast menu has 4 each veg. and non-veg. selections. McDonald’s breakfast menu is currently available in selected cities only. McDonald’s has introduced McDonald’s Breakfast Club Card as the loyalty card which is available on the purchase of any food item during breakfast hours.

McDonalds Value Meal or economy meal includes a burger, small fries and a small Coke for a pocket-friendly meal. The burger can also be replaced for a wrap. McDonald’s also has an option for extra value meal which can include a choice of your favorite beverage along with a burger.

McDonald’s Beverage and Desserts

McDonald’s beverages include an assortment of carbonated soft drinks, tea variants, coffee, fruit juices and shakes. The McDonald’s coffee and carbonated drinks are offered with a small twist like adding ice-cream or ice to enhance the flavor and taste. Ice tea, black tea and regular milk tea are also served to widen the selection. Bottled water, coke and fruit juices are also available on the beverage menu.

McDonalds Prices

McDonalds offers its products at a very affordable price in India. Owing to the price sensitive nature of the Indian people McDonalds has kept its price level lower as compared to its counterparts. The least expensive Big Mac happens to be in India which is known as the MAHARAJA MAC. McDonalds Happy Price Menu which starts at Rs 25 is indeed a reason to be happy.

McDonald’s Hours

McDonald’s breakfast hours start from 7 AM and continue till 11 AM. Non – breakfast hours are from 11 AM to 11 PM. So a McDonald’s restaurant in Indian roughly operates from 8 AM to 11 PM. The hours of operation for McDonald’s may vary from location to location throughout the country.

McDonald’s Delivery and Store Locator

McDonald’s delivery hours operate in the same window as the restaurant in a particular area. McDonald’s delivery in an area is mapped with a particular restaurant in an area and is not available for all locations. However, there is no minimum order requirement for home delivery. McDonald’s delivery charges Rs 26 plus taxes as packaging and handling cost.

Before you place an order for home delivery at McDonald’s you have to check your nearest store at the McDonalds Finder. Since there are two entities operating McDonald’s in India there are two ways of locating the nearest McDonald’s store. You can use North and East region McDonald’s store locator if you are from Northern and Eastern part of India. If you are not from North or East India, you can use West and South McDonald’s locator to find the nearest store.

McDonald’s Offers – Deals & Coupons

McDonald’s deals and coupons are offered by both official site and other partners. The deals and discount coupons let you enjoy a meal at a much lower price as compared to the regular price. Different types of McDonalds deals and offers are explained in details below.

Official McDonald’s Deals

McDonald’s offers many different promotional deals and coupons. The deals and coupons sometimes differ for restaurant purchases and online delivery orders. Not every McDonald’s offer is valid for McDelivery. So before using McDonald’s coupon, verify if it applies to delivery or restaurant or both.

McDonald’s Restaurant Offers

Whenever you visit a McDonald’s restaurant, you can take advantage of the McDonald’s deals on coupons available at the restaurant. Some promotional offers keep running on various days of the week and on certain food items. You can take advantage of these McDonald’s promotional offers and deals to save money. There are also McDonald’s coupons which can be used to get a decent discount while placing an order. For online ordering, the coupon codes have to be pasted at the check-out page to get a discount and for offline ordering, the coupons have to be mentioned in order to redeem the offer. Below the image is an example of two such offers – a discounted deal and a coupon offer available at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Delivery Offers

There are some exclusive McDonald’s delivery offers as not every promotion is available through McDelivery. McDelivery do run promotions on home delivery orders which are available at McDelivery website or through the McDelivery Call center.

McDonald’s Vouchers and Cards

McDonald’s accepts food coupons and vouchers like Accor and Sodexo Meal Vouchers in McDelivery. The Gift vouchers are not accepted for McDelivery, but can be used in the restaurants.

McDonald’s App Offers

McDonald’s also carries out promotional activities which run on mobile apps. The McDonald’s app only offers are valid and can be redeemed only by ordering via the mobile app. McDonald’s has mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices. The app can be very helpful as it prompts you by sending personalized messages of any offers running at present. The screenshot below is one such example of McDonald’s app offer for iOS.

McDonald’s Social Media Contests and Offers

McDonald’s is seen to promote its offers and deals at different social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. McDonalds regularly keeps its social media pages updated whenever an offer is running so that its fans do not miss it. It is a form or rewarding its social media fans. There are also a number of social media contests and other promotional activities with exciting rewards. In case you happen to miss any McDonalds social media update, you can find it listed here at Dealozo McDonalds page.

The image below is a screenshot on one such McDonalds Facebook deal which is offering a McFlurry for free with any medium meal.

McDonald’s Offers by Other Sites

Unlike other fast food chains like Dominos, KFC, etc., there is a less presence of McDonalds offers by other merchants and food aggregators. However, you can find all these types of third party offers listed at our coupons section whenever available. McDonalds deals are also given by online wallets like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik etc. The image below is an example of one such deal given by Freecharge which is offering a cashback of 10% when you pay with Freecharge wallet.