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Khadi Naturals is the best choice for anyone who prefers herbal product. Khadi products are available online at the official website & popular e- commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, & etc. You can find various offers & deals on Khadi products throughout the year. Get the best money saving deal with the help of Dealozo, and buy your favorite Khadi Naturals product online.


Khadi Natural The deal is posted by admin. Deal is valid for a limited period only.

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Store: Khadi Natural

Discount: 10%

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Khadi Natural The deal is posted by admin. Deal is valid for a limited period only.

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Store: Khadi Natural

Discount UpTo: 50%

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Khadi Natural is offering a deal on Khadi Natural priced at 130 with a discount of 3207 The deal is posted by admin. Deal is valid for a limited period only.

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Store: Khadi Natural

Brand: Khadi Natural

Discount: 3207

Price before deal: 3337

Price with deal: 130

You Save: 3207

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Khadi Natural is offering a deal on Khadi Natural priced at 244 with a discount of 106 The deal is posted by admin. Deal is valid for a limited period only.

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Store: Khadi Natural

Brand: Khadi Natural

Discount: 106

Price before deal: 350

Price with deal: 244

You Save: 106

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About Khadi Natural


Khadi Naturals is a product of Gramodaya Ashram, which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers Khadi fabrics and herbal products in India. They manufacture 100% cotton fabrics and Khadi herbal products. They currently export their product to 25 countries. They are engaged in manufacturing of Khadi fabrics, Khadi herbal shampoo, Khadi handmade soap which is Paraben free shampoo and Glycerin transparent soap.


Khadi is one brand which follows the footsteps of Ayurveda and uses 100% natural ingredients to formulate their skin care, hair care, body care and therapy ranges. Every combination is customized and prepared uniquely for skin type and every different type of hair. The products are divided into four sections. 

1. SKINCARE   -    The Khadi skin care products are a pure blend natural products that are isolated from botanical extracts of fruits like oranges, pineapple, and also honey, rose water, glycerin. The products are 100% safe and completely mild on the skin.

Their skin care product ranges from

  • Face Washes
  • Toners
  • Face Sprays
  • Body Butter
  • Face Scrub
  • Hydro Gel Balm
  • Face Mask/Pack
  • Herbal balms

2. HAIR CARE PRODUCTS    -    Healthy hair is a signature of the healthy lifestyle, and Khadi products help you to attain it. They restoring balance and give a stunning look with shine, volume, and healthy scalp that is nourished. Hair care product include range  

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioner
  • Oils
  • Hair Care Serums
  • Hair Colors
  • Hair Henna

3. BODY CARE   -    The body care products promise a calming effect on the skin along with antiseptic properties. The body care products are made using rose extracts, geranium, basil leaves, and Champa. It is a gorgeous blend of precious herbs that known for their healing and curing properties, and they also contain antifungal and antibacterial properties.

4. AROMA THERAPY RANGE   -    The aromatherapy range is a cocktail preparation that is made out of volatile oil and aromatic compounds isolated from plant oils. They are proven to boost the mood and relax the mind due to their medicinal properties. The product is very gentle on skin and leaves it moisturized. Their products range from

  •  Essential oils
  •  Massage oil


Khadi Natural™ soaps are the best products and the collection different from other brands. The most appealing feature is that Khadi offers inexpensive soaps with superior quality. With Khadi, one can get a reliable product for what they pay and lot more too. The soap bars filled with enormous quantities of essential oils, fresh fruit and vegetables extracts.


Khadi presents an excellent Sun Shield range of sunscreens & after Sun Moisturizing Lotions. The innovative formulations, the Sun Defense range protects your skin from sunburns, premature aging, and skin darkening.


Khadi provides personal gifting sets, in the form of kits. Khadi Natural will be the best gifting option if you want gift something from organic range.


Among the Khadi products Khadi skin care products are the best sellers, like Face Washes, toners, face sprays, body butter, face scrub.


Khadi coupons and deals are found online at their official website (GO TO KHADI NATURALS PAGE) as well as online stores. Khadi naturals offer sales on their official website page. There is a sale option on the official page of Khadi, which by selecting will display the products that are for sale. This initiative of Khadi is to promote their products and invite many customers. Also, there are many third party coupon issuing sites that come up with plenty of offers and deals on Khadi products. These deals purely target on saving your money. It’s always ideal to check for the coupons and deals online for more discounts on Khadi products.


1. AMAZON -    Khadi Coupons and Deals are available on the Amazon website. To find the best deals on Khadi products, you can follow the search modes.

Amazon offers Today’s deal where you can find the top deal of the day. The today’s deal link is present onto the top of the Amazon page contains several deals, that are found department wise.

  • Today’s deal is exclusively for the particular day and expires after the mentioned time. You can find best deals and offers related to Khadi product if posted on the page, and also you can browse for the upcoming deal on the same page.
  • The today’s deal and the regular deal on Amazon will get you a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 35% discount (Go to page) on Khadi Natural products.
  • The shipping price for the Amazon-fulfilled products start at INR. 45. For those that are shipped directly by the sellers the shipping price starts with 50 Rs, which varies with every seller.
  • Zephyr online is the top rated seller at Amazon for selling Khadi products.
  • Amazon gives you a broader choice to choose from 280 Khadi products.     
  • Go to Amazon page     


You can find the best deals on Khadi products at Flipkart. Flipkart offers tailored discounts on their website. (Go To  Flipkart  Page).

  • They offer minimum 10% to maximum 60% offer on Khadi products.
  • Flipkart assured Khadi product, shipping charges start at INR. 40 when purchased below 500 Rupees
  • For Khadi products that are not Flipkart assured the shipping price starts at INR. 35, and varies with every seller.
  • Flipkart also provides bank offers on Khadi product along with the regular discounts. If you purchase using the specified bank card then there is an additional offer given by Flipkart to save more money.
  • Cash on delivery is available for all products below and above 500 Rupees, inclusive of the shipping price.


To find the best deals on Nykaa select the Khadi brand and browse for the products. Nykaa also provides festive SALE, which is customized discount on certain products which can include Khadi products also (Go To Nykaa Page).

  • Nykaa gives various  coupon codes through messages and emails; you can use the coupon code to buy the product
  • Nykaa also gives loyalty points on purchase products which can be saved. 
  • The Loyalty points that are collected can be redeemed through various ways.


If you have collected around 2000 loyalty points at Nykaa which is worth Rupees 100, then you can redeem loyalty points at the checkout page. 

4. PAYTM           

You can find  best deals, direct discounts, and cash back offers (Go To paytm Page)

  • Paytm offers cash back offers on Khadi products. After buying any of the Khadi Natural produc, the saved amont is added back to your paytm wallet
  • From the paytm wallet you can redeem the cash for various purposes, that has paytm wallet facility.
  • Shipping charges at paytm starts at INR,15 for Khadi products, and can vary according to the delivery location.
  • Cash on delivery is not available for products use coupon code.