How It Works -

At Dealozo you can either be a curator or consumer or both. At Dealozo we have rewards for all type of users. Being a curator you can earn points which you can redeem for exciting rewards as you move up the level. Being a consumer you can get huge savings and also earn reward points by engaging in different activities. The points system and levels are explained below.

There are various ways by which you can earn points which are explained in details below –

  • Signup
  • Inviting Users
  • Adding Deal
  • Sharing Deal
  • Front Page Deal
  • Comment and Upvote


When a new user signs up for the first time to Dealozo, he/she gets a welcome benefit of 100 points. Subsequent logins by the same user do not carry any points. Users are advised not to engage in any malpractice of creating multiple accounts for the same user

Inviting Users

Dealozo users can earn additional points for referral and inviting friends to sign up. Users can use any other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. or other modes of communication for the same. All users will get 100 points for every new user signup. In addition to this there are three extra bonus for completing three milestones –

  • 500 bonus points for 10 user signups
  • 700 bonus points for 20 user signups
  • 1500 bonus points for 40 user signups

The bonus points are in addition to the regular sign up points. For example; if a user refers 10 of his/her friends to Dealozo, he/she will get 1000 points plus 500 extra bonus points for completing the first milestone.

i.e, the total points for inviting 10 users = 10 X100 = 1000

Additional bonus for completing 1st milestone = 500

Total points = 1000 + 500 = 1500

Adding Deal

Here comes the primary part of Dealozo which is adding deals. Users can get different points for adding deals to the site. The first deal added by a user will fetch 120 point. Although a user can post any number of deals per day, he/she will get points only for the first 10 deals posted.

Sharing Deal

Users can also earn points by sharing them through their social network, e-mail, friends and colleagues. Social network like Facebook, Twitter can be used to share the deals. For each successful share a users can earn 100 points each.

Front Page Deal

If any remarkable deal is posted by a user and the same is selected by the admin to be displayed in the top picks section, then the user gets 10 points per deal. A deal which gives huge savings to the customers is eligible for top picks section.

Comment and Upvote

There are also points for commenting and upvoting. When other users comment and upvote a deal, then the user who posted the deal gets points. Similarly there is also a deduction of points when a user downvotes a deal. In order to maintain transparency, the upvoting and downvoting will be monitored closely.

For the first comment on a user’s deal the user who posted the deal will be awarded 20 points. The first comment on a deal will fetch 20 points to the user who posted the deal. Subsequent comments will carry 2 points each. A user will get points only for the first 10 comments posted.

If any user upvotes the deal then the user who posted the deal will be awarded 2 points. However if there is a downvote then 2 points will be deducted from the same user.

How to get promoted through the various levels

At Dealozo there are five hierarchy levels for the users which they can earn through various activities. A user is at level 0 when he/she joins Dealozo for the first time. As soon as the user accumulates points and reaches a certain milestone he/she advances to the next level. The different tier levels for the points to go to the next level are -

Level 1 – 2000

Level 2 – 5000

Level 3 – 15000

Level 4 – 40000

Level 5 – 100000