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Transforming E-commerce to a level of ultra modernization, we now have in the market- Virtual Credit Cards. These cards are hassle free and can be used for all online payments. Although the drawback is that once the card is issued it has a validity of a maximum of 48 hours or until the transactions are cleared.

A virtual credit card is easy to acquire since it only requires internet banking facility. The customer will then add a top up from the savings account it is linked to. You can top it up any number of times to the cards limit. Virtual credit cards can only be used for online transactions and not elsewhere.

Temporary credit cards have the advantage of convenience. The primary advantage is that virtual credit cards can escape the ever hounding  “Frauds”.

A couple of disadvantages with virtual credit cards is that there is a limit. If you do not use the card within the specific limited period offered it will get expired. Another drawback  is that the processing period is longer than that of physical credit cards.


Entropay (VISA)

  • Virtual credit payments.
  • Easy transfer from bank acccount to the virtual card


  • Maestro/ MasterCard/Visa
  • Easy transfer from bank acccount to the Neteller card


All Banks in general across the country offer virtual credit cards if you have an account with them. The credit limit and transactions are limited to each bank according to their rules and regulations.

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