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Credit cards are not just a substitute to your cash or debit card payments, but also offer reward points. Credit cards are not just a means of converting your purchases to EMIs or availing a short term loan. Extensive use of credit cards for payments can get you enough reward point, which can be used again for other payments or reward redemption. Although many people use credit cards for payments nowadays, but the lack the proper knowledge on accumulating and redeeming credit card reward points make it less worthy. To be precise, use your credit card only when there is a possibility of earning reward points or other benefits. Most of the banks have credit card facility today. But here we shall discuss the rewards points of the most popular and most used credit cards in India which happens to be from HDFC bank. Here you will get a detailed insight into HDFC credit card reward points.

What are HDFC Reward Points?

HDFC credit card reward points can be termed as loyalty points which the bank offers for using its card for payments. These points get accumulated against your card every time you use the credit card for purchases. These HDFC reward points can be later used for various purposes like cashback, gift vouchers, air miles and other rewards. So, reward points are not merely numbers but can be considered as real cash in disguise which you can use to get freebies and other discounts later.

How can you Earn HDFC Bank Reward Points?

Whenever you use your HDFC credit card for shopping, you earn reward points. The thumb rule of earning more reward points is by spending more. Each HDFC credit card is eligible to earn different reward points based on the type of card. Some HDFC credit cards come up with offers which let you earn more bonus reward points than normal. This is sometimes referred to as accelerated reward points. Spending more on online shopping than in offline shopping enables you to earn more reward points.

Do all HDFC Credit Cards Offer the Same Reward Points?

All HDFC cards do not offer same reward points. Credit card reward points vary from card to card. Some HDFC credit cards let you earn more points when you shop online or use your card for dining, traveling or other shopping activities. There are credit cards which offer two to ten times more reward points on specific spending. For example, if a card says “3X Reward Points on shopping online”, then you can get 3 times more reward points when you do online shopping.

Do Reward Points have a Validity Period?

Yes, reward points have a validity period. The ideal validity period of HDFC bank credit card is 2 years meaning you have to redeem the points within 2years before they get expired. For example, let’s assume that you have spent Rs 15000 for shopping. If you get 2 reward points for every Rs 150 spend, then you get 200 points. Suppose if you receive reward points for any this purchase on 1st January 2016, then the points are valid for 1st January 2018. You have to redeem these points before 1st January 2018, after which the points will no longer be valid.

  • HDFC Diners Club Black credit cards have a reward points validity of 3 years
  • Reward points for all other card are valid for 2 years

What are the Benefits of HDFC Reward Points?

HDFC Credit card reward points have a plenty of benefits. It is a means of collecting rewards and benefits as you spend. The benefits of HDFC credit card reward points are endless. Airmiles, cashback, gift vouchers are some of the most popular HDFC reward points benefits.  So it is very important to choose a card based on your spending pattern.

  • You can use the reward points to get products, gift vouchers, discounts, cashback and air miles
  • HDFC bank has partnered with many brands, retail stores, airlines, food outlets, hotels, and charities to offer its customers a wide range of benefits
  • If you travel frequently, then go for the AllMiles or JetPrivilege card where you can convert your reward points to air miles
  • The cashback and co-branded credit cards are best for the shopping maniacs as you can redeem all your points to cashback or to buy other products which are offered by HDFC bank

Pay with your HDFC rewards points

HDFC reward points can be used to pay at selected merchant outlets when you shop. This is one of the best ways of converting HDFC reward points to cash. The same applies for online shopping. HDFC has a list of shopping merchants with whom it has partnered. Whenever you swipe your HDFC credit card at the counter, you will be prompted of the accumulated points which can be used to pay a part of the total price.

HDFC Credit Card Rewards Points Redemption

HDFC Reward Point Redemption Methods

There are many ways to redeem HDFC credit card reward points ranging from products, cashback, gift vouchers and air miles. The minimum reward points in order to redeem are 500 points. There are 4 ways of redeeming HDFC credit card reward points – Via Post, Customer Service, Online, and FastTrack redemption.

Via Post: HDFC reward points redemption via post is a combination of online and offline mode. You can download the Reward Redemption Form and mail the filled-up form to the concerned office in order to redeem your points. You have to fill in the product name and points to be debited at the time of filling the form. This method takes longer time than online redemption.

Customer Service: You can also get your points redeemed by getting in touch with the customer care. You can get in touch with the HDFC customer care center and indicate your choice of products against which your points should be redeemed.

Online Redemption: Online redemption is the most convenient way to redeem HDFC reward points. You have to use your NetBanking facility to redeem the points online. Online redemption gives you the flexibility to select and choose from the various options available to redeem your points. It is safe secure and much convenient. In order to redeem your reward points online, you have to register your card and get it linked to your account.

Points + Pay (FastTrack Items):  This is a method of HDFC reward points’ redemption which is available only through the “Redemption Form“. By this you can use your reward points to pay a part of the products and the rest can be charged to your credit card. The ranges of products which are available in this FasTrac mode are available at the Rewards Catalogue.

How to Redeem HDFC Reward Points?

Step 1: Login to your HDFC NetBanking account using your Customer ID and Password


Step 2: Select the Cards option from the menu bar on the top. All your active and linked cards will be shown in this menu. On the left-hand side of the window, you can see all the available options for your cards like account summary, Transact, Enquire and others.


Step 3: On the left-hand section under Credit Cards menu, select and click on Enquire to expand it. Once the Enquire field is expanded, select the 4th option “Redeem Reward Points” to go to the HDFC My Rewards redemption page. After you click on Redeem Reward Points you will be redirected to the HDFC My Rewards page.

  • HDFC My Rewards page will open in a new pop-up and you will be signed out of HDFC NetBanking page automatically
  • Remember to turn off pop-up blocker to enable the HDFC My Rewards page to open


Step 4: In the HDFC My Rewards page you can see all the options available to redeem your HDFC rewards points. In “View Reward History” you will be able to see all your accumulated reward points against your HDFC credit card. “Redeem Reward Point” shows the list of options which can be selected to redeem your points for. “Airmiles” on the other hand is a separate section which is exclusively for redeeming HDFC rewards points for airmiles. Select the suitable option to redeem your HDFC rewards points on this page.


What can you redeem against HDFC credit card reward points?

For HDFC reward points redemption, you need to have at least 500 reward points. For any form of HDFC reward point redemption, a service charge of Rs 75 is charged to the credit card. With the HDFC credit card reward points, you can redeem a variety of products which are explained below.

Redemption Types Meaning
Redemption (Points Only) You need to have enough points to buy the products listed

Only points can be used to pay for the products’ price

Products listed in this section are not of very high value like those in FastTrack redemption

FastTrack (Points + Pay) Unlike Points redemption, if you do not have enough points, you can use reward points to pay a part of the product price and pay the remaining amount by credit card

You can buy high-value products like iPhone, Hard disk, etc

InstaEVouchers These are gift vouchers ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 which can be used to pay at partner merchants when you purchase anything (Example: USPoloAssn Gift Voucher, Tanishq Gift Voucher , Pantaloon Gift Voucher , etc.)
Cash Redemption Cash redemption is redeeming your HDFC reward points to get an equivalent amount of cashback to your account.

Points Redemption

HDFC credit card reward points can be redeemed for a range of product which is shipped directly to your home. It includes a variety of products ranging from apparel, charity, dining, electronics, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, home, kids, lifestyle, travel, and watches. To redeem your HDFC rewards products for these products, you have to select the points and product category. A range of products will be displayed which can be bought using your points.


FastTrack (Points + Pay)

By using HDFC bank reward points redemption for FastTrack option, you can get cool stuff by using your points. In FastTrack redemption, you get an option to choose from a range of products. The payment can be done using your reward points and credit card. If you have enough points to buy the product, you can get the product by redeeming your points. Alternatively, you do not have sufficient points; you can choose to pay a part by using your points and the rest amount would be charged to your credit card.

  • The product category includes Electronics, Entertainment, and Home products
  • Details about all the products under HDFC FastTrack redemption can be found at the HDFC Rewards Catalogue


Gift Vouchers (HDFC InstaEVouchers)

HDFC reward points can be used to redeem against InstaEVouchers. InstaEVouchers are gift vouchers which can be used to pay at selected stores and partners.In order to redeem HDFC reward points against gift vouchers, you have to select the points and item category. Thereafter a list of merchants based on each city will appear. You can select your merchant and voucher amount by redeeming your reward points.

  • HDFC gift vouchers are available across multiple categories which include dining, electronics, fashion, lifestyle and travel
  • A detailed list of the amount and list of merchant for gift vouchers can be obtained from the HDFC reward points’ gift list at the HDFC Reward Catalogue
List of  HDFC Reward Points E-Gift Voucher Outlets
Akshaya Patra Foundation – GV99 Croma Gift Voucher – GV39 Disha Foundation – GV98
Flying Machine Gift Voucher – GV104 Gant Gift Voucher – GV105 Hidesign Gift Voucher – GV97
Izon Gift Voucher – GV107 Jeevan Blood Bank Gift Voucher – GV74 Joyalukkas GiftVoucher – GV76
Machaan Gift Voucher – GV77 Naturals Gift Voucher – GV80 Pantaloon Gift Voucher – GV82
Sigree Gift Voucher – GV83 Tanishq Gift Voucher – GV85 Univercell Gift Voucher – GV89
USPoloAssn Gift Voucher – GV106 Vidyaranya Charity GiftVoucher – GV102 Viveks Gift Voucher – GV90


Cash Redemption (HDFC Credit Card Reward Points to Cash)

You can use your reward points to redeem cashback on to your credit card. To convert your HDFC reward points to cash, you have to select the Cash Redemption option in the reward section. After selecting the Cash Redemption option, you have to select the amount of points in the “Redeem Points” field which are to be redeemed for cash back to your credit card. Cash amount which is equivalent to the points will be automatically displayed below. The cashback is credited to your credit card account within 10 working days.

  • HDFC reward points to cash redemption feature is available only on a few selected credit cards

HDFC Credit Card Reward Points Value for Cashback

If you have any of these HDFC credit cards, you can avail the HDFC reward points cashback option. You can convert HDFC reward points to cash for every 100 points you have. The reward points cashback value in terms of Indian currency is given below.

Credit Card Cashback Value
Moneyback / Business Moneyback / Platinum Edge / Solitaire 100 Reward Points = Rs. 30
Titanium Edge 100 Reward Points = Rs. 25
Bharat 5% Cash back on IRCTC / Bill Payment / Fuel



Another popular and significant product for HDFC bank reward points redemption is the Airmiles redemption. To redeem HDFC reward points for airmiles, you have to select the airlines and enter your Frequent Flyer id followed by the number of airmiles in multiple of 100.

  • To redeem HDFC reward points for airmiles, you need to have a Frequent Flyer membership with any of the partner airlines which include Air India, Jet Airways or Kris Flyer (Singapore Airlines).
  • You will be able to redeem airmiles only after registering your Frequent Flyer membership id
  • By default 420 reward points is equivalent to 100 JPMiles and 100 Air Miles


Credit Card Type Reward Points JPMiles
Silver / Gold / Titanium / Titanium Edge / Times Titanium 4.7 1
Corporate / Platinum / Solitaire /Teachers Platinum / Times Platinum 2.5 1
Signature / World / Corp Signature / Corp World 2.3 1
Solitaire Premium 2 1
Diners Cards 1 1
Platinum Edge / Doctor’s Platinum / Superia / Doctor’s Superia 1.4 1
Regalia / Corporate Card (Premium) 1.3 1

For corporate redemption, the Reward Points to airmiles conversion ratio is given below

Product Jet Airways Air India KrisFlyer
Airline Conversion Ratio
Corporate Redemption 3 RP = 1 JPMile 3 RP = 1 Air Mile 3 RP = 1 KrisFlyer Mile

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