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It doesn’t really matter if you’re a workaholic or not. Everyone works just as hard as anyone else. The only difference is workaholics choose to work and the others take breaks and have other goals too! Else workaholics would rather work than do anything less important.

Ctrl Alt Del Mug Set


If you’re a techie, I’m sure you’d want this. Hope you don’t mistake the ctrl alt del in your keyboard for this one…don’t burn yourself *wink*

Secondly, you can use this either to drink coffee/tea or use it as a pen stand. Whatever you want to.

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Portable Laptop Cushion Stand

laptop stand

Heated up thighs aren’t a good sign…moreover for workaholics! Use this portable laptop cushion stand instead! It comes with a cup holder & an LED light stand, so that you don’t strain your eyes while you’re sitting for long hours at a stretch.

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Handmade Wooden Spectacle Holder

Wooden stand1

This one is for people who take their glasses off & forget where they’ve kept it. Now, you don’t have to look for your spectacles, when you have this wooden sculpted piece of art holding it for you. Its stable, your spectacles won’t fall off unless you swing your arms way to much with each thing you do.

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Paper Clip Holder

Paper clip holder

When you have the fan on blast speed & at the same time your work place is covered with a pile of papers that could cost you your job!

Get this! Get all your papers together using a paper clip holder!

It’s a simple tool, doesn’t occupy too much space, and it has a smooth roll back feature, that helps pick the paper clip easily.

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A ‘Do-not-disturb’ Mug

mug do not disturb

Yet, another mug (cause I’m a mug lover)

Do you have coworkers who love chattering all the freakin’ time?!

We understand how you’d feel! All you need to do is point at this mug, and you’ll be left alone. Cause you’re a genius (workaholic) and you deserve to be allowed to do what you want to do.

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Portable Multi-plug USB Socket

SK Multiplug1

This dual multi plug USB socket solves the problem of charging multiple devices like your mobile phone and your tablet at the same time.

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Back Rest

back rest

Sitting for long hours can cause back problems. Get a back rest that corrects your posture and keeps your muscles unstrained throughout the day.

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Matte Dream Work Success Framed Poster


Just in case you need some motivation around you, some posters you could put up on the walls for the days you’re totally let down. These bright posters will bring back the workaholic inside you & keep you motivated each time you look at them.

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Foam Mouse Pad & Wrist Support


A very essential tool that acts as a wrist support so that you need not go through all the pain, inflexibility and if ignored then it could lead to getting a surgery to correct the dislocation of the muscles.

So, save yourself from all the trouble and use a wrist resting tool. Lets not forget that it comes with a mouse pad so you don’t have to buy two different things when you have a multipurpose tool.

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Pen Holder & Clock

pen stand

Workaholics lose track of time, also don’t we all have a habit of not finding a pen when we need it the most?

We’ve got your problem solved!

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